Terms of Service

Welcome to OpenVidu PRO, product owned by TIKAL TECHNOLOGIES SL. Through the Terms of Service we try to explain to you both our obligations as a service provider and your obligations as a customer of the product. Please read them carefully.

These terms apply from the moment that TIKAL TECHNOLOGIES SL provides you access to the product, so they are understood to be voluntarily and expressly accepted, and are part of the contractual relationship between the client and TIKAL TECHNOLOGIES SL (hereinafter TIKAL). OpenVidu PRO is a product that will change over time, to adapt to new requirements of its customers and users, so it is also likely that the Terms of Service will change to adapt to new changes in OpenVidu PRO. TIKAL reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time, making every effort to communicate such changes via email or from the application itself. Therefore, we recommend that you make sure you have read and understood the latest Terms of Service available on the website.

First. Definitions.

For the exclusive purposes of this contract, the following definitions shall apply:
  1. Computer application: sequence of instructions for interpretation, use and execution by a computer system. Even if there are several of them, the contract may refer to them in the singular, and their backup shall be called as such.
  2. Telematic application: a computer application hosted on a server connected to the Internet in such a way that it can be accessed remotely through electronic networks and can be used by the user without the complete installation of the computer program on his own computer.
  3. Parties: TIKAL and the client.
  4. Holder of the rights of explanation of the application: TIKAL TECHNOLOGIES SL.
  5. Third party: any natural or legal person outside the present contractual relationship that for any reason is compulsorily related to TIKAL or to the client.
  6. Hardware: electronic, mechanical or magnetic devices necessary for the operation of the application and complementary to it.
  7. Personal data: all information referring to an identified or identifiable natural person.
  8. Updates: new versions of the application and/or its modules, including new functionalities and improvements with respect to previous versions.
  9. Modules of the application: parts of the application that manage specific functionalities, and whose transfer of use the client must contract separately from the application itself.

Second. Object.

  1. The object of the present contract is the transfer of the right of use of the OpenVidu PRO platform by TIKAL TECHNOLOGIES SL in benefit of the client, for its business management, by which, subject to the terms and conditions, and within the limits established in the present contract, TIKAL transfers with revocable character, of nonexclusivity, non sublicensable and in a non transferable way, the right of use of the OpenVidu PRO platform. Access to the application is a transfer of use and not a sale, so that the owner of OpenVidu PRO platform retains ownership of it.
  2. The customer undertakes to use the application in accordance with the law, this contract, as well as with generally accepted morals and public order.
  3. TIKAL commits itself to make available to the client a complete support service that will aim at to offer the customer, as far as possible, the highest quality and availability of service contracted, and is structured in two levels or types of service:
    • a. Service of doubts and consultations on the contracted applications. TIKAL will make available to the client personal specialized in the operation of the contracted applications, to assist the client with doubts and Any queries that may arise during the handling of the same.
    • b. Service availability incidents. TIKAL will have technical personnel specialized in software, systems and telecommunications, which will put all the means at their disposal to make the service contracted by the customer is always available with the highest levels of quality and reliability. The customer may contact this service during business hours 10:00 to 17:00 CET through support email.
  4. The users who contract through TIKAL's web site acknowledge that they are of legal age. The hiring carried out by underage persons requires the prior authorization of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be considered responsible for the hiring carried out by the minors in their care. Minors must obtain the necessary consent to proceed with the hiring. All this in the terms provided in the Civil Code.
  5. The client acknowledges having verified that the characteristics of the platform fit his needs, as well as having been properly informed by TIKAL.

Third. Limitations on use and duty of care.

  1. The client must protect and guard the platform, not being able to yield or transmit to third parties in any way, the rights acquired through this contract, or allow, by title or any circumstance its use by unauthorized third parties, being definitively prohibited the use of the platform for any other purpose other than the exclusive management of its own business or other than the use described in the platform itself; The user may not, in short, including but not limited to, rent, lend, sell or sublicense the platform or perform acts that involve a violation of the duty to protect an asset owned by third parties.
  2. The client agrees to refrain from using the platform for illegal purposes or effects, contrary to the provisions of this document and the platform, harmful to the rights and interests of TIKAL, the owner of the platform and third parties, or in any way damage, disable, overburden or impair the platform or prevent the normal use or enjoyment of the platform by other customers or users.
  3. The customer is prohibited, but not limited to, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, reproducing, translating, modifying, versioning, marketing, duplicating, transforming or transmitting to a person or entity, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means whatsoever, whether mechanical, magnetic, by photocopy or any other, or remove any proprietary notices or labels from the platform, including but not limited to, the logical diagrams, source code, object and/or data model, without prior express written permission from TIKAL and even if any of such actions were necessary for its interoperability with other independent programs or applications.
  4. The client or authorized user must physically and logically protect and safeguard the platform, its contents, logical procedures and access mechanisms, and provide the necessary means to guarantee, including but not limited to, non-disclosure, copying, duplication, manipulation, reproduction, translation, transformation, access by third parties or any other act that involves a violation of the duty to protect an asset owned by a third party.
  5. The platform must be used solely and exclusively by the customer or authorized user and to process the customer's own data and that of its products, but never to process data of third parties.
  6. TIKAL cannot guarantee that the availability of the service will be continuous and uninterrupted during the period of the contract, due to the possibility of technical problems in the network, providers of telecommunications services, equipment failures and other possible unforeseeable contingencies such as repairs, maintenance and software updates. In any case, TIKAL guarantees that it will try solve such problems in the shortest possible time. Nevertheless, TIKAL reserves the right to take the necessary measures to limit services if it considers that excessive use is being made of them and irresponsible use of the platform's resources, and especially if such use is not adapted to these Terms of Use.
  7. Interpretation of the scope: All rights not expressly stated or mentioned in this contract are reserved to TIKAL and the provisions contained therein may not be interpreted in such a way that their application would in any way be detrimental to TIKAL or contrary to a normal exploitation of the platform.

Fourth. Responsibility.

  1. TIKAL enables access to the platform in its current configuration and status. In case the platform contains any deficiency attributable to TIKAL TECHNOLOGIES SL, it is committed to use all means at its disposal to solve it as soon as possible, but it is not responsible nor does it grant guarantees of any kind regarding the violation of third party rights, marketability, satisfactory quality or suitability for a particular purpose.
  2. TIKAL guarantees, as far as the means and systems under its control are concerned, the availability of platform through the network and equipment under its responsibility. However, TIKAL does not responsible for interruptions and deterioration in the quality of service availability due to causes that are beyond TIKAL's control, including but not limited to, due to failures in the customer and/or user's IT infrastructure, failures attributable to IT service providers TIKAL force majeure or other reasons beyond TIKAL's control or not reasonably predictable. TIKAL's liability for any damages of any kind that may due to the lack of availability or continuity of access to the platform will be limited to the economic amount to be paid by the customer, as consideration for the transfer of the use of the platform during the time of service disruption, based on the following paragraph, in the Official Current Rates published on TIKAL's website. In order to guarantee the proper functioning of the service, TIKAL reserves the right to tests, adjustments and maintenance operations in their facilities, equipment and applications, being able to facilitate access to the platform by the client through a communication route alternative electronics or, if this is not possible, temporarily suspend such access. TIKAL reserves the exclusive use of the system administrator's password and the platform with the The only purpose of carrying out such maintenance operations. These operations shall be agreed in advance with the client at a time acceptable to both parties, offering TIKAL, whenever possible, several time alternatives and different dates for the performance of these activities. If the client does not opt for any of the alternatives offered, TIKAL may carry out the planned maintenance operations, with prior notice to the client. In no case shall these maintenance operations, as long as they are previously notified to the client, be understood as failures or deterioration in the availability of the platform service.
  3. TIKAL will act with due diligence and professionalism, putting all the means at its disposal to make available the access to the platform object of this contract with the highest levels of quality, reliability and security. In any case, the responsibility of TIKAL for any direct or indirect, consequential, incidental or special damages, including but not limited to In any case, any emerging damage or loss of profit, interruption of work, breakdown, failure or loss, even in the case that a representative of TIKAL has been notified of the possibility of such damage, or for any claim by a third party, will be limited to the economic amount equivalent to that which the client must pay in consideration of the transfer of use of the platform during the time of the alteration of the service.
  4. The customer agrees to support within reasonable limits, unavailability of connection and expressly waives any liability, contractual or extra-contractual, as well as as damages for possible failures, slowness or errors in access. TIKAL is exempt from any kind of liability for loss of data or accidental deletion of data provided that it has been produced by the customer's action. Similarly, there is no guarantee of full recovery of all data when restoring a backup because in the time between the last backup of security and deletion of data may have varied.
  5. The customer or user will be solely responsible for the provision and payment of costs necessary to ensure compatibility with the platform related to equipment, including all hardware, software, electrical and other physical components required to access and use the platform including but not limited to telecommunications services, Internet access and connection, operating systems, or other programs, equipment and services required to access and use the platform.
  6. The client will indemnify TIKAL for any expenses incurred by TIKAL in any case for which the client is responsible, including fees and expenses of TIKAL's lawyers, even in the case of a non-definitive court decision.
  7. TIKAL uses information security techniques generally accepted in the industry, such as firewalls, access control procedures and cryptographic mechanisms, all with the aim of prevent unauthorized access to data. To achieve these purposes, the client agrees that TIKAL may obtain data for the purpose of corresponding access control authentication. Any procurement process or that involves the entry of personal data will always be transmitted by secure communication so that no third party has access to the information transmitted via electronics.

Fifth. Intellectual and industrial property.

  1. The exploitation rights of the platform are owned by TIKAL and are protected by the Spanish Intellectual Property Laws and by the applicable laws of the country where it is used. The structure, organization and coding of the platform are valuable secrets and confidential information of TIKAL. The client must therefore treat the platform as I would any other proprietary material and will not be able to copy the platform.
  2. The granting of this assignment of use does not imply, implicitly or explicitly, the assignment of the rights over the industrial and intellectual property of the platform, the hardware, or about the data model.
  3. Trademarks must be used in accordance with trade dress, including mention of the name of the brand owner. Trademarks may only be used to identify the forms produced by the platform . This use of any brand does not imply the granting of any property rights therein.
  4. The knowledge and experience inherent in the platform, as well as the knowledge used for the configuration of the platform, are proprietary and confidential information of the holder of the platform and TIKAL. The customer acknowledges this and assumes responsibility for the fraudulent use or illegal copy of the platform or accessory programs, or of these information by a third party, and shall be liable for any infringement committed by the person depends on or for whose cause he has known or had direct or indirect access to the platform .
  5. Updates: For the duration of this contract and subject to the terms and conditions set out in the following paragraph, the client shall be entitled to dispose of the updates that may arise from the platform that is the object of this contract, assuming on the same commitment as regards their limitations of use and duty of care as on the original computer platform. The updates included in the service without any additional cost are those corresponding exclusively to the platform and version contracted by the client. The updates of additional platform modules will only be delivered to those clients who have contracted TIKAL for the assignment of the use of these modules.
  6. The client expressly consents to the incorporation of the reference of his condition as client in the TIKAL's portfolio, which can reproduce the client's trademarks and commercial logos to these unique effects, both on your website and on presentations and documentation given to other clients potential, as long as the client does not communicate his express opposition in this respect.

Sixth. Right of modification.

  1. TIKAL reserves the right to update the client's platform to the latest versions available on the market, with new functionalities, improvements, modifications and legal updates of the same, varying at any time the presentation, configuration and content of the .
  2. TIKAL is committed to evaluate the suggestions and requests of the platform users for the development of new versions of the same, but it corresponds to TIKAL and not to The client decides which modifications and improvements to include in these versions.
  3. TIKAL reserves the right to modify, in any way, the characteristics and conditions of TIKAL, always developing and benefiting from its own service. For this purpose, you will no longer have to comply with formality than informing the client with on-line publication and/or taking this modification to the contract clauses.
  4. Without prejudice to the above, TIKAL will communicate these modifications in the shortest time possible in order to its adaptation by the client.

Seventh. Exclusion and resolution of the transfer of use.

  1. TIKAL reserves the right to exclude and/or terminate the client, temporarily or permanently in in connection with the assignment of use in any of the following cases:
    • For failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions set forth herein document.
    • For failure to comply with the law, morality or public order.
    • By order or requirement of the competent authority or body.
  2. The exclusion of the client or user or the resolution of the transfer of use will not imply the TIKAL waives the right to take the corresponding legal actions or the compensations correspond in case the client had deliberately acted in bad faith, to damage the platform or to harm TIKAL directly or indirectly.

Eighth. Communications.

  1. For the practice of any notices in connection with this contract both parties expressly designate as their domicile the address given in this contract. The The client is obliged to keep the e-mail address operational, active and updated (e-mail) provided in the contract form for communications with TIKAL, as it is TIKAL's preferred (though not the only) means of communication. At In general, the client commits and obliges himself to keep his data permanently updated personal and contact. You must communicate, in a reliable way, your change.
  2. Failure to do so shall mean that notifications shall be deemed valid carried out in those directions.
  3. The client agrees that telephone conversations with TIKAL may be recorded/inspected in order to improve the quality of services and security in providing them.

Ninth. Duration.

  1. The contract will be tacitly extended with the payment of the next invoice.
  2. A copy of the contract will not be sent at each renewal, it being understood that the published on the website (Terms of Use) which contains the most current version.

Tenth. Economic conditions.

  1. The price, method of payment, invoicing and collection of the transfer of use on the platform The object of the present contract is the one specified in the Current Official Tariffs published in TIKAL's web page, which are an integral part of it to all the effects.
  2. The prices established in the above mentioned Official Current Rates do not include Value Added Tax (VAT) or other taxes or fees established by law, which shall be those in force for the services covered by the contract at the time of its signature. Therefore, these amounts will be increased by the corresponding amount.
  3. The periodicity of payment will be monthly.
  4. The monthly fee includes the basic fee for the use of the service and the corresponding fee for the number of users given registration in the service, as well as the corresponding fee for the modules or services optional hired.
  5. The extensions of the contracted service (new user registration, version changes of the platform, etc...) and additional services not included in the fee are will be invoiced at the rate of prices in force at the time of the request, and payment will be made in advance of delivery, once the estimate has been accepted and corresponding delivery time by the customer. The revision of rates is will be carried out annually, according to the variation suffered by the Price Index to the Consumption (CPI). For this purpose, the value of the CPI to be taken into account for this review of rates will be the last interannual index published by the INE on the date of renovation.
  6. The amount invoiced will be paid by credit or debit card at the bank account that TIKAL's client communicates at the time of registration of the service. Accepted cards will be Visa and MasterCard.
  7. The delay in the payment, total or partial, by the client of the amounts invoiced by TIKAL will entitle TIKAL to suspend or cancel the obligations acquired under this contract. The service will be suspended at fifteen calendar days from the day following the expiration of the receipt, and you must tell the client. After fifteen calendar days from the If the service is suspended and the client is informed, TIKAL can resolve this contract. If during this period the customer satisfies the entire In the event that the debt is not repaid, TIKAL will restore service in the shortest possible time from the date on which the debt is repaid. has been made aware that payment of the amount due has been made, reserving the right to request advance payment equivalent to two instalments monthly as a guarantee or endorsement for such restoration of service. The user will assume any expenses arising from the claim and collection of any amount owed past the due date of the invoice, including, but not limited to, the of return of receipts, interest on arrears and legal costs. The return by the client, for any reason beyond TIKAL's control, of two or more for the collection of direct debits, will authorize TIKAL to unilaterally opt for the Invoicing and annual contract modality.
  8. After 3 months of any delay in payment, in whole or in part, by the of the amounts invoiced by TIKAL, TIKAL is entitled to withdraw from the of the contract between both parties, as well as the cancellation or definitive and direct the services contracted by the client, including the databases associated with services of the client, without the need for written communication to the effect by TIKAL.
  9. TIKAL will apply to its customers the promotions in force at the time of service contract and that they comply with all the specified bases for by TIKAL. The client knows and accepts that he can obtain updated information and detailed at all times about current promotions on the website or through the usual contact channels that TIKAL makes available to clients.

Eleventh. Data protection.

Las partes manifiestan que conocen, cumplen y se someten de forma expresa a la legislación española y europea en materia de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal, comprometiéndose a dar un uso debido a los datos de tal naturaleza que obtengan como consecuencia del desarrollo del presente contrato. 1. Acuerdo de encargado de tratamiento entre el cliente y TIKAL. En concreto, de acuerdo con lo expresado en la legislación española de protección de datos, no será considerado comunicación ni cesión de datos al acceso por TIKAL a los datos de carácter personal de los ficheros del cliente («responsable del tratamiento») ya que dicho acceso, y el correspondiente tratamiento, es necesario para realizar la prestación del Servicio contratado y descrito anteriormente. Por ello y a los efectos de normativa de protección de datos, TIKAL será considerado como «encargado del tratamiento» de los datos del cliente y, de acuerdo con ello, se establece expresamente que TIKAL únicamente tratará los datos conforme a las instrucciones del cliente, expresadas en el presente Contrato, que no los aplicará o utilizará con fin distinto al que figura en lo pactado entre las Partes, ni los comunicará, ni siquiera para su conservación, a otras personas. Por su parte la duración del acuerdo será la correspondiente a la del tipo de servicio contratado. Una vez cumplida la prestación de servicios pactada, y cuando ya no sean necesarios para continuar con el encargo realizado, los datos de carácter personal serán destruidos o devueltos por TIKAL al responsable del tratamiento, al igual que cualquier soporte o documentos en que conste algún dato de carácter personal objeto del tratamiento Para ejecutar las prestaciones derivadas del cumplimiento del objeto de este servicio, TIKAL tendrá acceso a la siguiente información: a. Datos identificativos b. Datos comerciales c. Datos de bienes y servicios facturados d. Datos fiscales En cuanto a las obligaciones de TIKAL como encargada de tratamiento son las siguientes: a. Tratar los datos de acuerdo con las instrucciones del responsable del tratamiento, así como para la finalidad para la que fue contratada. b. No comunicar los datos a terceras personas salvo que cuente con la autorización del responsable del tratamiento, o en los supuestos legalmente admisibles. c. TIKAL no podrá subcontratar en un tercero la prestación de la totalidad o de parte de los servicios descritos en el presente contrato, salvo que medie previa autorización expresa del cliente, el cual deberá ser informado con la debida antelación de la entidad y de los servicios concretos a subcontratar. En este último supuesto, TIKAL deberá formalizar un nuevo contrato con dicho tercero al amparo de lo estipulado en la legislación de protección de datos. d. Mantener el deber de secreto respecto a los datos de carácter personal a los que haya tenido acceso en virtud del presente servicio, incluso después de que finalice su objeto. e. Garantizar que las personas autorizadas para tratar los datos de carácter personal se comprometan a respetar la confidencialidad y a cumplir las medidas de seguridad correspondientes. f. Asistir al responsable de tratamiento en la respuesta a los derechos en materia de protección de datos. g. Dar apoyo al responsable del tratamiento en la realización de evaluaciones de impacto o en la realización de consultas a la autoridad de control, cuando proceda. Así como poner a disposición del responsable, si este lo pide, la información necesaria para demostrar el cumplimiento de sus obligaciones. h. En cualquier caso, el encargado de tratamiento tiene implementados mecanismos para garantizar la confidencialidad, integridad y disponibilidad de los sistemas y servicios de tratamiento. Así como para restaurar la disponibilidad y el acceso a los datos en caso de accidente, y para verificar y valorar la eficacia de las medidas de seguridad de forma regular. Frente a las obligaciones del responsable del tratamiento: a. Velar por el cumplimiento durante todo el tratamiento por el cumplimiento en materia de protección de datos. b. Realizar las consultas previas que correspondan. c. Supervisar el tratamiento, en su caso. d. Facilitar los datos al encargado de tratamiento para la prestación del servicio. Frente a las obligaciones de TIKAL como responsable de tratamiento: a. Velar por el cumplimiento durante todo el tratamiento por el cumplimiento en materia de protección de datos. b. Realizar las consultas previas que correspondan. c. Supervisar el tratamiento, en su caso. d. Facilitar los datos al encargado de tratamiento para la prestación del servicio. Duodécima. Gastos e impuestos del contrato. 1. Los gastos e impuestos que se originen o sean consecuencia del presente contrato, serán satisfechos por las partes con arreglo a la Ley. 2. Los actos que se deriven de la ejecución del contrato quedarán sometidos a la tributación que corresponda en atención a la naturaleza de los mismos y serán satisfechos por aquella parte obligada al pago según normativa de plataforma.

Decimotercera Decimocuarta. Confidencialidad. 1. Los conocimientos y demás informaciones transmitidas entre las partes constituyen información propia y confidencial de TIKAL y el cliente y su protección es de la máxima importancia. Por ello, ambas partes asumen la obligación de guardar dicha información como confidencial, adoptando las medidas apropiadas para asegurar que solamente aquellas personas autorizadas tengan acceso a la misma, entendiendo como personas autorizadas aquellos empleados de las partes que lo necesiten para el desarrollo de la actividad objeto de este acuerdo. 2. De este modo, las partes firmantes aceptan el siguiente compromiso de confidencialidad: TIKAL se compromete a mantener confidencial toda aquella información relativa al cliente suministrada por este con tal carácter, así como el producto de los servicios encomendados. En este sentido, TIKAL tiene establecidos estrictos controles internos cuyo objetivo y finalidad es garantizar este compromiso de confidencialidad. El cliente se compromete a mantener confidencial toda la información y conocimiento que obtenga de los procesos internos de TIKAL y en especial la existencia, utilización y funciones de cualquier proceso utilizado en el desempeño de sus prestaciones. 3. El presente compromiso de confidencialidad se mantendrá vigente incluso después de extinguida la presente relación contractual y respecto a todo el personal que haya tenido acceso a dicha información confidencial, con carácter indefinido.

Decimocuarta. Extinción y cancelación.

1. El presente Contrato se extinguirá por las causas generales establecidas en el Código Civil y en el Código de Comercio y en especial, por incumplimiento de las obligaciones dimanantes de este escrito: a. Por mutuo acuerdo de las partes. b. Por transcurso del período de vigencia especificado en la cláusula décima o de sus ulteriores prórrogas. c. Por la rescisión unilateral de una parte mediante comunicación a la otra con un preaviso mínimo de un mes. d. Por ser declarada cualquiera de las partes en estado judicial de suspensión de pagos, quiebra o concurso de acreedores, fuese demostrada una situación de insolvencia o cese de actividades, o se iniciase un proceso de liquidación o disolución. e. Por las demás causas previstas en derecho. f. En caso de incumplimiento por alguna de las partes de las obligaciones asumidas en el presente contrato, la otra parte podrá dar por resuelto enteramente el mismo, sin preaviso ni indemnización de clase alguna, siendo suficiente la comunicación de tal rescisión a la parte contraria, a no ser que la parte incumplidora remediase su incumplimiento a satisfacción de la otra en un plazo de 15 días contado desde el requerimiento que en tal sentido se efectúe, sin perjuicio de las indemnizaciones que, por daños o perjuicios, puedan corresponder. 2. TIKAL se compromete a destruir los datos facilitados por el cliente una vez extinguida la relación contractual. Igualmente destruirá o devolverá cualquier soporte o documentos en los que conste algún dato objeto de tratamiento informático. Una vez terminado el contrato, el cliente puede solicitar a TIKAL el envío de una copia de seguridad física de sus datos al domicilio que este indique, previa solicitud por escrito dentro de la semana siguiente a la finalización del contrato, asumiendo el cliente los correspondientes costes de manipulación y envío. 3. El cliente puede cesar o cancelar el uso de la plataform cuando lo desee. Si el cliente o uno de los usuarios por él autorizados tramitara personalmente la baja desde TIKAL esta se producirá automáticamente en el mismo día en que se tramite. Por tanto, se advierte al cliente de que debe observar esta circunstancia para no perder los recursos y datos disponibles bajo su cuenta de TIKAL. Si por imposibilidad de tramitar la baja personalmente de forma automática el cliente solicitara la baja al servicio de asistencia al cliente de TIKAL a través de cualquiera de los medios de contacto disponibles en este contrato, esta se producirá el día indicado por el cliente para que sea efectiva, siempre que se haga con el tiempo suficiente para gestionarla.

Decimoquinta. Integridad del contrato y cláusula de salvaguarda.

1. Cada una de las estipulaciones del presente acuerdo debe ser interpretada separada e independientemente de las demás. Si cualesquiera de ellas pasaren a ser inválidas, ilegales o inejecutables en virtud de alguna norma jurídica o fuera declarada nula o ineficaz por cualquier juzgado o autoridad administrativa, la nulidad o ineficacia de la misma no afectará las demás estipulaciones, que conservarán su plena validez y eficacia. Las partes contratantes acuerdan sustituir la cláusula o cláusulas afectadas por otra u otras que tengan los efectos correspondientes a los fines perseguidos por las partes en el presente contrato. 2. El presente contrato recoge la totalidad de los pactos existentes entre las partes, y anula y revoca, en su caso, cuantos otros pactos o acuerdos, verbales o escritos, estuvieren vigentes a la fecha de su suscripción. El presente contrato solamente podrá modificarse mediante acuerdo escrito de las partes.

Decimosexta Decimoséptima. Legislación aplicable y jurisdicción.

El presente contrato tiene carácter mercantil, y se regirá por la ley española. Las partes intervinientes acuerdan que todo litigio, discrepancia, cuestión o reclamación resultante de la ejecución o interpretación del presente contrato o relacionado con él, directa o indirectamente, se resolverán definitivamente mediante sometimiento a los Juzgados y Tribunales de MADRID con renuncia expresa a cualquier otro fuero o demarcación jurisdiccional que pudiera resultar competente. Constituye este contrato la expresión completa e íntegra del acuerdo entre las partes, y sustituye todos los anteriores pactos, compromisos, manifestaciones o acuerdos, tanto escritos como orales, que hayan existido previamente entre las partes. El presente sitio web (www.naevatec.com) pertenece a: TIKAL TECHNOLOGIES SL NIF: B85986669 Calle Chile, Nº 10, 28290 – Las Rozas de Madrid (Madrid), España, Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de MADRID, al Tomo 28043. Libro 0 de la Sección 8ª del libro de sociedades, Folio 37, Hoja M-505315.