• Easy videoconference in your web or mobile app

Real-Time Video

Easily add real-time video to your browser or mobile app

Open Source

OpenVidu is an open-source project under Apache 2.0 license. You can use it free of charge

Simple API

It is easy to integrate OpenVidu in your existing app with its simple, well-documented API

Fast & Reliable

OpenVidu is developed under the principles of speed, quality and reliability. Your don't want choppy, low-resolution videos in your app, do you?

Tutorials available

As developers we believe that a smooth learning curve is the best way to build a community of users. Check our tutorials to quickly get started

Web Dashboard

OpenVidu offers an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard where you can check the state of your video-calls

How does OpenVidu work?

WebRTC is the ultimate responsible for all media transmission at the very heart of OpenVidu. WebRTC is a modern, cross-platform framework that democratizes media transmission over the Internet. It is promoted by Google, Mozilla, Opera and others.

OpenVidu wraps and hides all the low-level operations. The main goal we pursue is to provide a simple, effective, easy-to-use API so you can forget about WebRTC, ICE candidates and media server tricky stuff. Just include the OpenVidu client-side and OpenVidu Server for handling the media flows. To securize your video-calls from your backend, you can make use of one of the available backend-clients or simply consume the REST API exposed by OpenVidu Server.


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