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A powerful platform to develop WebRTC real-time applications.
Self-hosted. Performant. Fault Tolerant. Scalable. Observable.

OpenVidu allows you to implement ultra-low latency video and audio applications with ease: one-to-one calls, videoconference rooms of any size, massive live streamings with thousands of viewers... It is built on the best open source WebRTC stacks with all the features you need: multi-platform, recording, broadcasting, screen sharing and more. From an operations perspective we aim to make it easy to self-host a performant, fault-tolerant, scalable and observable cluster, reducing DevOps efforts.


Create your real-time video and audio application with ease

  • Ready to use app

    You get OpenVidu Call with every OpenVidu installation.
    A fully-fledged videoconference application with all the features you expect: multiparty, device selection, screen share, chat, recording, virtual background and more!

  • All is customizable

    If you want to integrate OpenVidu into your own application, there are UI Components that are quickly to setup but also highly customizable. If you want total control, you can use SDKs to fine-tune the integration of OpenVidu in your app. Learn more at Developing your OpenVidu app.

  • Self-hosted

    OpenVidu is designed from the ground up to be self-hosted in your own servers. With OpenVidu you can easily deploy and manage a production-ready live-video solution in your own infrastructure, whether it is on premises or in your favorite cloud provider. Leverage your hardware and regain control of your users' data!

  • Professional support

    We are experts in WebRTC. We have been developing real time tools and supporting customers building their solutions for over a decade. Let's work together to make your project a success! Contact us now.

Self-host a production-ready live-video platform with advanced capabilities typically reserved for SaaS solutions

  • Easy to deploy

    What could take a whole DevOps team days of work, with OpenVidu you can have it ready in minutes: an easy installation, configuration and administration experience to your self-hosted, production grade, real-time solution. Install now.

  • Cost effective

    OpenVidu COMMUNITY is open source, free and can handle a significant user load. With OpenVidu PRO you can handle more simultaneous Rooms in the same hardware thanks to mediasoup integration. This allows reducing the cost of each Room, making OpenVidu PRO truly cost-effective as a self-hosted solution. See Pricing.

  • Performant

    OpenVidu is built to be incredibly powerful. It is based on the best open source WebRTC stacks: LiveKit and mediasoup. By combining the best of both worlds, OpenVidu provides outstanding performance.

  • Scalable

    OpenVidu has been designed from the outset with scalability in mind. Host videoconference rooms and large live streams with hundreds of participants. Autoscale your cluster to adapt to the demand and optimize your resources.

  • Fault tolerant

    OpenVidu offers fault tolerance in all its components. Deploy a reliable cluster knowing that if one of your node goes down, others will be able to continue working with no downtime.

  • Observable

    OpenVidu brings everything necessary to monitor the status, health, load and history of your deployment. It automatically collects events, metrics and logs and provides OpenVidu Dashboard and a Grafana stack to navigate them.

All the features you need to quickly build your perfect real-time application

  • WebRTC

    Achieve ultra-low latency in your videoconference or live streaming app thanks to WebRTC.

  • Security at all levels

    E2E encryption, fine-grained access control and highly secure deployments for the most demanding security requirements.

  • Multiplatform

    Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Android, iOS, Unity, Windows, MacOS, Linux... OpenVidu is compatible with all of them.

  • Up to 4K video and HQ audio

    HD up to 4K video resolution, and crisp audio quality with noise cancellation and echo suppression.

  • Recording

    Record your videocalls with complete freedom. You can use predefined layouts or easily build your own.

  • Broadcast to YouTube/Twitch

    OpenVidu allows you to easily broadcast your sessions to live-streaming platforms such as YouTube or Twitch.

  • Screen sharing

    Screen share from browsers or native applications with ease, always with the best quality.

  • Virtual Backgrounds

    Apply effects to your videos, blurring the background or replacing it with an image.

  • Server side processing

    For the most advanced use cases: you can add pipelines to process video and audio streams in real time in your servers.

Build, deploy on-premises and scale your videoconferencing or live streaming app with ease. Contact us if you need it : we are here to help!