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OpenVidu is an open source project, and for sure will remain this way in the future. But OpenVidu team needs some source of income to continue working on this amazing project. The approach we'll be taking here is pretty straightforward: OpenVidu features themselves will always be open source, and only some tools or improvements related to production environments may end up being part of OpenVidu Pro stack. To sum up:

You will always be able to access OpenVidu awesome features and build whatever you want with them. Our intention is to make OpenVidu platform long-term sustainable by offering advanced production stage monitoring and management tools for those companies interested in such capabilities


OpenVidu Pro consists of different modules working over OpenVidu Community Edition. For now OpenVidu Pro offers:

  • OpenVidu Inspector: a powerful, easy-to-use and visually attractive dashboard that will help you monitor, manage and review all your videoconferences.
  • Detail session monitoring: the Elastic stack integration provides a powerful and flexible way to monitor your sessions.
  • Scalability: launch OpenVidu with multiple media server instances to increase the number and size of video sessions.
OpenVidu Pro users will also have priority when contacting OpenVidu team with doubts about the platform.
Remember we also offer custom professional support
OpenVidu Community OpenVidu Pro
WebRTC media streams
Screen sharing
Audio and video filters
Clients: JS, Angular, React, Ionic, Electron
Deployment on Premise
Deployment on Cloud
Kurento Media Server
OpenVidu Inspector
Advanced session monitoring
Manual scalability
Fault Tolerance
P2P sessions
Other media servers
Simulcast and SVC
Kubernetes deployment
License Apache 2.0 Copyrighted
Support Community support on forums Email support in business hours
Price Free
$10 / month
with 14000 minutes of cores of Media Nodes included
per additional core of Media Nodes per minute

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OpenVidu Community Docs OpenVidu Pro Docs


You can deploy OpenVidu Pro:


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