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Interface OpenViduAdvancedConfiguration


  • OpenViduAdvancedConfiguration



Optional iceServers

iceServers: RTCIceServer[] | string

Array of RTCIceServer to be used by OpenVidu Browser. By default OpenVidu will generate the required credentials to use the COTURN server hosted along OpenVidu Server You can also set this property to string 'freeice' to force the use of free STUN servers instead (got thanks to freeice library).

Optional publisherSpeakingEventsOptions

publisherSpeakingEventsOptions: any

Custom configuration for the PublisherSpeakingEvent feature. It is an object which includes the following optional properties:

  • interval: (number) how frequently the analyser polls the audio stream to check if speaking has started or stopped. Default 50 (ms)
  • threshold: (number) the volume at which publisherStartSpeaking and publisherStopSpeaking events will be fired. Default -50 (dB)

Optional screenShareChromeExtension

screenShareChromeExtension: undefined | string

URL to a custom screen share extension for Chrome (always based on ours: openvidu-screen-sharing-chrome-extension) to be used instead of the default one. Must be something like this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/YOUR_WEBSTORE_EXTENSION_NAME/YOUR_EXTENSION_ID

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