Screen share

To share your screen instead of your webcam, the process is exactly the same as stated in Publish a stream section, but setting to true screen property when initializing a Publisher object:

OV.initPublisher('html-element-id', { screen: true });

Both Chrome and Firefox support screen sharing.

For Chrome, it is a necessary requirement that the user has an extension installed. If it is not, initPublisher will return an error with name SCREEN_EXTENSION_NOT_INSTALLED and message the URL of Chrome Web Store where to install the extension. So, a possible approach would be:

OV.initPublisher('html-element-id', { screen: true }, function(error) {
        // showWarning could show a button with href 'error.message',
        // so the user can navigate to install the extension.
        // A browser refresh is also needed after installation

For Firefox it is even easier, as it supports native screen capturing since version 52, so no extension is needed (a typical alert telling the user to select the window to share will pop up, similar to camera/microphone permission alert).

NOTE: when testing and developing screen sharing feature, in Chrome it is possible to do so over HTTP in http://localhost:PORT, but in Firefox it is a mandatory requirement to serve your application over HTTPS even though you are connecting through localhost