Screen share

To share your screen instead of your webcam, the process is exactly the same as stated in Publish a stream section, but setting to true screen property when initializing a Publisher object:

OV.initPublisher('html-element-id', { screen: true });

Both Chrome and Firefox support screen sharing. Chrome needs an extension and Firefox supports native screen sharing since version 52. Two different OpenViduError can be returned in the callback function:

  • SCREEN_SHARING_NOT_SUPPORTED: if the browser does not support screen sharing.
  • SCREEN_EXTENSION_NOT_INSTALLED: Chrome needs an extension to allow screen sharing. error.message has the URL of Chrome Web Store where to install the extension.
OV.initPublisher('html-element-id', { screen: true }, function(error) {
        // showWarning could show a button with href 'error.message',
        // so the user can navigate to install the extension.
        // A browser refresh is also needed after installation
    } else if ( == 'SCREEN_SHARING_NOT_SUPPORTED') {
        alert('Your browser does not support screen sharing');

NOTE: for testing screen sharing in Firefox < 59 it is a mandatory requirement to serve your application over HTTPS, even though you are connecting through localhost. For Chrome and Firefox ≥ 59 you can serve your app through http://localhost:PORT when developing without a problem.